Who Did the Chasing?

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Jan. 22, 2015
Nothing takes the winds out of your sales faster than a rejection when you are on a sales call. However the truth is most of these “rejections” are simply because you have NOT shown value. 
REMEMBER- that HOW the agent or client got to you matters
Who did the chasing?
Who needs who in the relationship ? Are you prepared to walk away?
Just yesterday I had a client tell me that our rates were higher and that he had been shopping. Most might just drop their pricing to get this deal. 
Instead I told him he was right to shop – but then I taught him how to shop
-Speak to each lender on the same day
– Ask about fees
– Ask about points
In this case- it was a 5% down with a non-occupant co-borrower so not every lender could even approve his loan- I TOLD HIM THAT A FEW TIMES
We were due to meet last night for loan application. I told him to please let me know one way or the other. That it was ok to go elsewhere as long as his loan would be approved and he did a fair comparison. I mentioned a deadline- “Please let me know by 3pm because I have another client who I am meeting who would love to come in earlier but I scheduled him  for 6 since you wanted my 5pm slot ( supply and demand).
Would you do this?
He saw immediately that I was professional- not combative- not salesy.
I educated him.
I set expectations.
I gave him a deadline.
—I am in the office right now setting up his loan for procressesing—
AND NO- we didn’t have the best price or the worst price – just a competitive priceI would love your feedback –
Brian Sacks
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Motivational Quote Of The Week

“You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.”

Zig Ziglar: American author, salesman, and motivational speaker
Members Speak 

Before I became a Loan Officer Success member I really did not have a system, a structure or a plan to grow my business.  Since I have become a member and a Mastermind Coaching member, I have used Brian’s system to generate additional business and income.  The guidance and advice I have benefited from as a One on One  Mastermind  Coaching member has really helped me to effectively structure my business and shown me how to successfully grow my company.  I plan to continue in Brian’s Coaching program for a long time to come.

Debra McKoy, FL
Debra McKoy, FL
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