I am writing this to you on the 30th – crazy busy day and a great closing month. Every month I review my business  to find out which marketing startegies are working and where my loans are coming from.

If not you should – start fresh in July!Just take out a sheet of paper and write ORIGINATIONS on one side
and CLOSINGS on the other side. If you are technical use an excel spreadsheet
Create the following columns –
Date- Name- Source- Loan Amount- Loan Type
every time you originate ( not prequal) a new loan or one closes fill out your chart
On the first of every month go back and review
What worked?
What didn’t?
Looking at my pipeline- originations for the month and closings one thing
JUMPS out at me–“He or She that controls the buyer -controls the income of everyone else in the transaction”A long time ago I decided that person needs to be ME and my students. So I will very soon be releasing my RENTERS INTO LOANS system.

Check out the 15 minute video at 

Brian Sacks
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