Do You Make THIS Mistake In Your Mortgage Production ?

My wife and I just had an experience that is so similar to a  BIG mistake I used to make and one that I see many originators making. So I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you .

I have mentioned before in this newsletter that I have a  son that is dyslexic. His school tuition is 26,000 plus per year. He is a great kid and very very smart with an above average IQ.

But he stills needs some additional tutoring for speech and processing issues. So my wife did what any great parent would do and started to seek  out the best tutors in the area. She must have called at  least a dozen different people and they were all booked.  See we started a little late since school has already begun and all of these specialized  tutors were booked. And believe me when I tell you  they ain’t cheap since they have a very specialized  area they assist with.

—- marketing lesson #1- since they are niched they earn more per student and have much more demand than they have supply for———

I could start seeing the frustration building with my wife. It started to appear as if we were not going to be able to find the help he needed and that fact did not sit well with either of us. Then a friend of hers told her about another person that provided this specialized help and we got all excited…. 

She called and he immediately said he was available and that we could come in any day next week. He went  on to say that we could have this appointment after school so Matt would not need to miss class. His exact words were “My schedule is very open.”

Well we should have been thrilled right?

Instead my wife and I immediately decided that this guy was a LOSER and that we would not want to work with him.

Why ?
 If everyone else is booked solid … and I mean we must have called 15-20 different people then why is this guy so open and have so much time on his hands. Maybe he really is just an accommodating type person but we were not about to experiment with my sons education in this area that is so critical to his growth

—-marketing lesson # 2.—–

You must be perceived as the expert and experts are in  high demand not available 24/7/365 like a 7/11 store. I know this is hard to do …It was hard for  me as well . But you MUST have your prospects think you are so busy that you are doing them a favor by simply fitting them in. People always want what they cannot have more than something that is easily attainable……

My Platinum members and my Closed Door Coaching  Members have spent a lot of time on this type of positioning. And guess what?

All of them that have taken my advice have seen huge increases in her business without working more hours. In fact my Platinum members are so good with this concept  that even I have trouble getting most of them on the phone.

So again – positioning is important…..

I would love your feedback –
Brian Sacks
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One Way to BE BUSY is to have a consistent flow of new deals. Here’s one of the most effective ways I am doing this right now.

PS # 2- The other way to  BE BUSY is to be as the expert in a niche.
This is one of the BIGGEST niches in our industry with the least amount of competition – I have a replay of my recent webinar up for a while -its about 57 minutes long


You know the old saying ” Out of sight – Out of Mind”
Well it’s a very true statement and it’s one of the marketing tactics that most originators are simply not good at.
We get busy and then simply stop marketing. But while when we stop we leave our prospects and referral sources open to poachers.

Wiith TRID- FHA CHANGES and everything else happening in our business its very easy to get so caught up that we simply stop marketing.

I’m sure you have noticed that the competition is getting tougher than ever especially with rates likely to go up.

.. this is a minimum. It’s better if you actually communicate weekly.

But how do you do that when you are so busy?
Who has time to write and format a newsletter?

The solution is a done for you newsletter that has great content and is easy to just put your name on and mail.

Here’s the solution I found

Most newsletters sent by loan officers are boring. That means Realtors just toss them just like they do with your flyers and rate sheets.
The newsletter should not be about YOU or YOUR programs but about them and ways they can grow THEIR business.


Let’s take this one step further.
I am often asked by my coaching clients whether they should use e-mail or mail and my answer is always yes! Confused?

It’s not an either or situation- you should be using both. Some will open the mail some will open the e-mail and some will open both. Either way it’s worth a stamp to build a relationship or maintain one isn’t it?

The newsletter I am now using is really inexpensive – It’s the kind of item you can’t afford not to use !

I would love your feedback –
Brian Sacks
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Back in 1985 I was a 21 year old kid and just starting out to make my millions in the Real- Estate business. I had just gotten my real -estate liscense and was hot to trot to sell some homes.

No one told me that homes weren’t selling and times were bad because rates were at 18% so I just went out and sold homes. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss.


Did you ever think about what a Realtor is giving you when they give you a transaction?

They are giving you their paycheck and asking you to make sure that they get it 
They are giving you their reputation since they have referred you.

Keep that in mind next time you work on a purchase referred by a Realtor.

Let your Realtors know that you understand this and that is how you will work on their next referral. They will LOVE the fact that you understand this.

Brian Sacks
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“If you do what you’ve always done,
you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
Tony Robbins: American author
I was having a consultation yesterday with a loan officer and he told me how frustrated he was with the “un-realistic” demands his agents were putitng on him.
They wanted everything done now and truly didn’t care for explanations they just wanted their deals to close and of course -on time.

He then went on to tell me how frustrated he was because he was NOT able to build new relationships with agents as quickly as he wanted and needed to in order to grow his production.

What I have found over the last 30 years of originating is that there are only 2 ways with this issue.

2. YOU LET OTHERS REFER DEALS TO YOU – Like Realtors- Builders

Both methods pose challanges so neither is easy.

How Do You Control BUYERS?

Let me share just a few of the ways-

1. Mailing to Renters
2. Write Articles they see
3. Appear on media as an expert
4. Have THEIR profressionals refer you- CPA-ATTORNEY- PLANNER -RELATIVES
5. Target them on social media and offer information

These are just a few of the ways to do this.

Now go back to the top of this article- BURN THAT INTO YOUR BRAIN!
“If you do what you’ve always done,
you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
– Tony Robbins: American author

Truthfully this is probably more like insanity !

Think about what you can start doing today to get to BUYERS first ! Then implement it!

Dedicated To Growing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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Today is my birthday but I am NOT telling you that for any birthday wishes.
Instead I wanted to share with you what I do ony my birthday and hope there are some take aways you can use to grow your business.


Last year my birthday marked my return to the mortgage industry after a 5 year break during which I started several other on-line and digital marketing companies. So my goal last year at this time
was to rebuild my production to a consistent 10 plus loans per month.


The good news is that I DID accomplish that but honestly it was not an easy task. Many of the agents I had done business with either retired or died. Others had already formed new realtionships and were happy.

FRUSTRATING? Not at all- it only provided me with the motivation I needed to figure it out like I had before.

I went back to what I have always believed to be true and what I have taught thousands of other originators over the years. READY?

1. Realtors deserve and demand competitive rates — good communicationi – and good service.
BUT WHAT THEY REALLY WANT IS A PARTNER- and one who can provide them with business as well.

Pick A Niche- Become The Expert- Let Everyone Know About it!

That is exactly what I have done-

For the realtors I created a system that generates leads I can provide to them
Imagine that- Giving a Realtor pre-approved buyers- who do they love?
Here’ just one of the ways you can do that too

For the niche- To me the largest and “hungriest” niche is Boomerang buyers and there are 7.3 million of them – so that should keep me busy for a while and could keep you busy too.


If you don’t know what you want and haven’t quanitfied it- you can never accomplish it
Write out your goal clearly- and give it a deadline ( nextt year at this time).

Determine HOW you will accomplish it.

Then track it every month to see if you are on track or not?

To Your Success,
Brian Sacks

Ever Been This Aggravated ?

Last Sunday I went to the beach with my wife just to get away. We stayed with some friends ( a realtor) and were having a great time.

Note- there is a lesson here BEFORE we get to the main lesson-
Be friends with your realtors- people give business to other people – not e-mails- letters or flyers.

My wife and I decided to take a walk on the beach and grab a coffee before we did. It was about 9:15 on a beautiful sunday and we were really looking forward to some private time alone just to enjoy each others company.


My cell phone rang and it was a Realtor – she had a buyer that needed an immediate pre-approval.. He was writing an offer and there was a lot of competition on this property. ( you’ve heard that one before right)

So – as any good loan officer would- I called him- ran my numbers- answered his questions – and spent time going over options with him.
Then we drove back to where we were staying and I sent the pre-approval letter.


My wife was starting to get upset but we’ve been together almost 28 years- so this was not really an unusal circumstance.

The truth is I SHOULD NOT have even had my phone with me but we have 2 kids- one a freshman in college who is in school for the summer and one who just graduated Penn State- so we always have a phone close.

Fast forward 3 days and I checked with the agent to see if the deal was accepted.
It was – So I called the buyer to schedule loan app-

First call – no response or return call
Second call – no response or return call
Third call- we spoke and he asked for figures- So I e-mailed him the figures we discussed on the phone and that I had sent with his pre qual

Now – I need to tell you – this is a doctor buying an investment cono for his mother -in- law
great income– great ratios and 810 credit scores- so no problems

Another few calls and another few e-mails and texts

He went with another lender that was .125 in the points better.

I could have matched it – but never got the chance!

Have you ever had that happen to you ????

It’s a lesson I learned a long time ago which is why it makes me angriere than normal when it happens again.

THE ANSWER is working in a niche as an expert-
My niche is boomerang buyers and that’s why I created the system

CONSUMERS respect experts
They don’t shop experts
They understand that experts are hard to reach – and they continue to call


Or you will ruin parts of your vacation as well !!!

Dedicated To Your Success
Brian Sacks



This morning I logged into my Facebook account and saw this post in my feed.

Brian I officially left the mortgage industry in November of 2009. Looking back, probably one of the worst decisions I’ve made in my life. I’ve read many of your posts about trusting in God, putting God and family first, never begging down from what you know is right, and doing what’s right no matter what. I dropped the ball- I let my God, my family, myself, my business partners and clients down. You taught me (along with Joe Stumpf, Brian Sacks) how to be a professional, how to brand myself, and how to have people chasing me instead of vice versa. I learned a lot- I was hungry- and I made a name for myself and a lot of money in the process. But I walked away from it all- including God and my family. And in the past year or so, have begun restoring those relationships. I do want to thank you for your gift- I know times must have been difficult for you as well- but you somewhere found the necessary strength to carry on. Here’s wishing you well my friend.
I believe that most of the success or failures in our business and in life are based on your mental attitude. Heaven knows we have MAJOR HIGHS and MAJOR LOWS in our business. As I travel the country I have heard this story numerous times.
In fact I lived it myself – when I left the business- and came back.

One of the lessons I learned is that how you handle your failures is what determines your success. You can drink – take drugs- go into major depression. OR You can continue walking and eventually reach your destination.
Now as long as you are walking why not take a LONG WALK and think big. After major setbacks it’s hard to think big- but you MUST.

If you want to do a million a month- why not start targeting 3 million a month. You will attain what you focus on so why not focus on BIG THINGS instead of just attainable ones. YES YOU CAN—BUT ONLY IF YOU THINK YOU CAN!

You may know that I have released 2 new systems. One deals with Boomerang Buyers ( and the other with how to turn renters into buyers

In both of these systems and courses the content is much less important than the students attitude. I have sent my students and members a special book called psycho –cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz—you should grab a copy)

It’s about your self image and how it controls your destiny. As an example- one of my coaching members had the talent to be a 50 million dollar producer. She was smart- hard working- knew her guidelines and was a great communicator.

But she couldn’t ever break 2 million a month. It had nothing to do with her skills – it truly was all in her head. I showed her what a 5 million dollar producer looks like- acts like –speaks like and had her visualize it.

I had taught her how to better market herself – spread her influence – and better target prospects and position herself so people were chasing her. But she did not succeed and could not succeed until we fixed her “thinking”

Think of this as a rubber band- When you pull it apart far enough- it snaps back. That’s exactly what she was doing. Every time she cracked her production ceiling she would self –sabotage it.
She simply did not see herself as a 50 million dollar producer and that’s what we needed to fix.

Please take a minute and really look inside yourself!!!!
This is more important than any marketing advice since nothing will work until you fix YOUR thinking and self image.

Dedicated To Your Success
Brian Sacks


I just got off the phone with a borrower who was very upset about an e-mail they received. Ever have that happen to you?
You write or read something and totally misinterpret what was being said or what was meant by that comment. Yes, it’s very easy to shoot off an e-mail, especially when you are very busy and not really give it much thought.
You’ve probably heard the saying that for a buyer to work with you they must KNOW- LIKE- TRUST you. That’s is not an easy task to accomplish for any of us but let’s take a step back and think about this a little more.

Think about this article – would you rather see me giving you this information or would you prefer reading it?

E-Mail is efficient but not always effective. Think about all of the things an e-mail must do in order to be read.
1. It must be delivered- not always that easy.
2. It must be received. That’s hard with s p am filters on overdrive these days.
3. It must be opened. If you are like me you delete emails without opening them if they don’t immediately catch your attention or seem like a sales pitch.
4. It must be read- once again- not easy in this busy world.
5. It must be acted on. Actually it must be acted on immediately or people simply forget and never get back to it.
I am NOT suggesting that you don’t e-mail. But I have found a way to break thru the clutter if you need to make a relationship or advance one.

What if you could e-mail a video without knowing all the BS of uploading and technical nonsense.
Here’s what I found and am using every day with my realtors and prospects.
Try it and let me know what you think.

We are programmed as humans to make impressions based on visual ques that you simply cannot show in a normal e-mail. With video your buyers and partners will be able to hear your tone- see your expression and hear your words.

This allows them to feel like they KNOW YOU – TRUST YOU and LIKE YOU !

Give it a try I think you will see some cool results.

To Your Success
Brian Sacks

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Morning or Evening ?

I am writing this article at 7:18 am  while many of you are still sleeping.
But I have been at my desk since 6:45am.
Our job as originators is a bit crazy right? We hear terms such as “feast or famine” and all or nothing.
That is very true- but a topic for another post that deals with having consistent business.

I like to get in early  and get work done before the phones go crazy and the e-mails blow up. But what I wanted to share with you in this article is more about knowing your own “peak” times.  What time of day are YOU operating at your peak?

There is no right or wrong answer – since this varies for each of us. Some prefer being a night owl- some prefer to rise early.

The important idea is to do your creative marketing – writing- planning- and implementing during the time of day that you are free from distractions
and can operate at peak efficiency.

TIP- Block these times and get into a routine. Know what you are trying to accomplish and have a detailed plan for getting it done!


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Last week I was in Boston speaking at the ACUMA ( credit Unions) event. I spoke with one of the production people and we chatted about how they generate new business.
He told me what I have heard hundreds of times “I hate working with Realtors”
Realtors still control the majority of transactions in this industry and that is a simple fact.  But think about their side of the table for a minute. When they give you a loan they are actually giving you 2 things.
1. Their Paycheck.
2. Their Reputation
Stop for a minute and let that sink in.
Now of course there are ways to generate business BEFORE the buyers get to the agent – and in fact I have an entire course on that at
Realtors are pushy and they need to be sometimes.

The key is in communication. Let me give you an example.

The agent calls you and says when can we close. The contract says closing is July 31.

Most loan officers would say we should be fine for the 31st

We are always going to be pushed to get things done and then get blamed when the borrower doesn’t do what they are supposed to do. This in turn makes us hate working with Realtors.

BUT I FOUND A SIMPLE SOLUTION – and here are some scripts

1. When will this loan be approved?
Response-” Once I have all the documents I requested we can get them submitted and approved in 3 business days.”

2. When can we close?

Response- Once I have all the documents and the underwriter has signed off we can close 2-3 days later.
Do you see a pattern here?

You don’t need to give a date- You need to place the time frame issues where they belong – – on the borrower

Once A happens- B can happen
Having said all of this it is still OUR job to prepare the borrower for all the items they will need- to explain the process and to communicate weekly so everyone knows what’s in and what’s needed.

In fact- Do you ever read the purchase contracts?
Each contract has a financing commitment date-
If you don’t have the documents you need – why should YOU be blamed?

I do a status meeting each and every week with my processor to go over all of my files- If we are coming close to a contract approval date and I don’t have the items needed I will let the agents know to get an extension because the borrower has not provided  all the needed information.


The person they should be !
Once you become an “offensive” communicator you will LOVE working with Realtors- realize we are all on the same team and don’t forget we are being trusted with their reputation and paycheck.

I would love your feedback –
Brian Sacks
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