JULY- What You MUST Do In July

We are now mid way thru 2015 – six full months worth of business yet to be done.


This week I am taking my son to college in South Carolina. He was recruited to play D-1 Lacrosse at Furman University and one of the ways
they assist their student athletes is by giving them a free summer session so they can get some classes under their belt and not have to take
a heavy course load during their sports season.

We are packing up today for the 10 hour trip from Baltimore to Greenville. There are a number of routes we could take but we have mapped out
one that seems to be the fastest and easiest way to go.


Sounds strange huh?
But stop and think about this for a second.  Hopefully you have set a goal for 2015 in terms of how much you want to earn and how you will
accomplish that goal.  If you haven’t you NEED TO DO THAT RIGHT NOW! I’ll wait.

EXAMPLE– If you want to earn 100,000 and your average loan is 200,000 and you earn 100 basis points then the math is pretty simple right?
You need to originate 55 loans and close 50 loans –  ( 50 x 2000= 100,000) The extra five are for loans that don’t close – you really should not have more than a 10% fallout rate on loans you originated.

This is the most important question you can ask yourself.  Here’s what my list looks like ( my figure is higher than 100,000 in income so adjust yours accordingly)

Realtors – 7 deals per month
Referrals- 2 deals
Direct Marketing- 3
Boomerang Buyers- 3

Now take a minute and write yours down. Realtors and Referrals are self explanatory. For direct marketing I include You Tube ads /videos – Facebook and Direct Marketing to renters ( see http://www.RentersIntoLoans.com for more information but this involves targeting a specific complex (s) and putting them thru my system so they can then be a pre-approved buyer I provide to Realtor partners)

The Boomerang Buyers are also targeted buyers that I market to who have a credit challenge or bankruptcy/foreclosure but are approvable with current guidelines. Very few originators are marketing to them but there are 7.3 Million of them and they are eager to rebuild their credit and own a home.
NOTICE- I ONLY market to those I know fit current guidelines for FHA -VA- CONVENTIONAL and other non-QM programs.
( you can learn more about these buyers on a webinar I recently conducted –  http://www.BoomerangExpert.com/replay
Now you have a plan – You know exactly where you want your business to come from- you know exactly how much you need from each source.

EVERY MONTH YOU NEED TO  take out a sheet of paper and see if you are on track!
This is exactly what I will be doing on my trip to Greenville. I need to constantly be checking to make sure I am on the right road and headed the right direction. Am I on time? Am I lost?

Now that we are mid way thru the year  you should be reviewing these figures for the year and adjusting your goals and plans for achieving them so you can have a great second half of 2015.

Here are some questions to ask

Did I originate the correct amount of units?
Did they come from the sources I anticipated? If so great- can you kick it up?
IF NOT- what worked – what didn’t – why?
Should I replace that strategy or try to tweak it?

Please don’t just read this article but actually take out your pen and paper – or laptop and excel sheet and start planning your success for 2015 part 2


To Your Success

Brian Sacks




I am writing this to you on the 30th – crazy busy day and a great closing month. Every month I review my business  to find out which marketing startegies are working and where my loans are coming from.

If not you should – start fresh in July!Just take out a sheet of paper and write ORIGINATIONS on one side
and CLOSINGS on the other side. If you are technical use an excel spreadsheet
Create the following columns –
Date- Name- Source- Loan Amount- Loan Type
every time you originate ( not prequal) a new loan or one closes fill out your chart
On the first of every month go back and review
What worked?
What didn’t?
Looking at my pipeline- originations for the month and closings one thing
JUMPS out at me–“He or She that controls the buyer -controls the income of everyone else in the transaction”A long time ago I decided that person needs to be ME and my students. So I will very soon be releasing my RENTERS INTO LOANS system.

Check out the 15 minute video at http://www.RenterIntoLoans.com 

Brian Sacks
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It’s 9am and I just finished up a few hours of work before the phones go nuts. As I glanced over to my schedule I see that I have a lunch appointment today with Theresa from the bank I have one of my accounts.

I saw a few more interesting lunch and breakfast dates this week and wonder if any of these people are on your radar. If they aren’t they should be so let’s talk about WHO is referring you business. OF COURSE THERE ARE THE OBVIOUS SOURCES BUT…. What I want to share with you are some of the less obvious sources. We all go after Realtors, CPA’s and past clients right?  So let’s dig in and talk about some of those “overlooked” or maybe less obvious sources. Let’s start with Theresa. She works for a small regional bank that also has a mortgage division. I walked in one day to open a checking account and we started speaking.  I told her what I did but knowing that their bank was a bit conservative I asked her to lunch. These small banks tend to be very conservative and if someone’s ratios are a bit high or if there is even the slightest credit issue they will deny them. WHY SHOULD SHE GIVE ME A CHANCE? There are actually 2 reasons and you MUST keep both of these reasons in mind if you are going to be successful with these often overlooked referral sources. 1.  WIFM– She and everyone else is tuned in to WIFM which stands for WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME.  You need to always know what your prospects objections are. I have the ability to refer her clients. They do a lot of equity type lending and we don’t at our company. So this is a win –win.

  1. I will NOT be “poaching” her clients. Since the company I work for is an independent mortgage banker we don’t offer checking , savings, car loans, etc. I can make her look good to her clients and she can maintain the relationship for her other services. Again WIN- WIN!



OTHER LOAN OFFICERS:  Many loan officers view others in their area as competitiors but that to me is very limited thinking. There are many loan officers who specialize in Construction loans, 203 K’s, Reverse mortgages, Doctor loans and other niches. Why not get together with them and learn about their programs. When you have the opportunity to refer them you now can become viewed as a resource and a referral partner. They in turn can refer clients to you who may not meet their product lines but to whom you could offer an alternative.


RELIGIOUS LEADERS:  Regardless of your religion and even if you are a total atheist, religious leaders hold major influence in their congregations and in their communities. It is to their benefit to be a resource for their congregations. It is also to their benefit to have resources they can turn to when a congregant has an issue. Many have entire ministries set up just dealing with financial literacy and education. Others realize that the more homeowners they have has congregants the more solid their foundations are.

SMALL MOM AND POP BROKERS: There is a growing number of small real estate brokerages popping up. Many would truly appreciate having you as a resource. Many of these small brokers are ignored by loan officers, yet they can provide you with a constant source of loyal business.

DIVORCE ATTORNEYS:  This is pretty obvious but divorce attorneys are often dealing with cases that involve real-estate that needs to be refinanced for a buyout. In fact I just learned that real-estate is involved in 70% of divorces and that doesn’t even take into account the times the departing spouse wants to purchase a home.

CREDIT UNIONS:  These institutions are often a bit conservative in their underwriting although that is changing. Go back and re-read the Theresa section because that applies here too. Credit unions have the same concerns and issues and therefore you can provide the same solutions.

CREDIT RESTORATION COMPANIES: This one is truly a gem that I have NOT seen anyone else talk about. But since I am the BOOMERANG SPECIALIST it’s one that I am very focused on.  If you are reading this DON’T SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE ELSE OK? People go to Credit Restoration Companies because they are concerned about cleaning up their credit. So you already know they are motivated. Once they go thru the programs and get their scores they are released into the market.

But what if they were released to you? You now have a borrower with good scores who you can get pre-approved and turned over to a Realtor as a PRE APPROVED buyer. Smart huh?

Like everyone else they will be tuned into WIFM so make sure you let them know that you will refer all of the clients who need help over to them as well. ONCE AGAIN WIN-WIN@

HOSPITALS- Univeristies- LARGE EMPLOYERS WITH PEOPLE TRANSFERRING: If there are any Universities or  large Hospitals in your town get over there and introduce yourself to their personnel departments. Most of these employers, Universities and Hosptials constantly have people coming in as new employees.

APARTMENT COMPLEXES: Now this one is one that I am SURE you have overlooked.  Of course I realize this is where the renters are and that you may even be mailing to them like I lay out in my RentersIntoLoans.com system. But what I am talking about here is actually going to the rental agent and introducting yourself. I would not have believed this if it didn’t happen to me personally, but many of these rental agents are thrilled to let you advertise to their tenants and allow them to become homeowners. WHY? Well if you think about it rental rates continue to go way up and many of these communities – especially if they are full- will allow their current tenants to break their leases early since they have more than enough on their waiting list they can rent to at an even higher rate. One community near my office just allowed me to put fliers up in the community offering my services. I was the only one who asked- so try it yourself. The worse thing to happen is they say no.

PRIVATE LENDERS and PRIVATE INVESTORS WHO REHAB HOMES: Private lenders often lend for terms of 1 year. When the year is up often times these purchasers or investors will need to refinance.

Private investors who rehab homes are also a great source of new business that almost no one goes after. Assuming they are rehabbing homes they will often find buyers and those buyers need our services.


So the bottom line is to go where there is less competition. Now that you have a few new places to think about go out there and start marketing your services. Each of these places could account for that one extra deal you wanted to close last month.

Brian Sacks is a nationally renowned mortgage expert who has career closing of over 5924 transactions for over 1 BILLION Dollars.  He has trained, consulted and coached, tens of thousands of loan officers and company owners over the past 29 years on How to Close More Loans – Make More Money – And Still Have A Life.  You can download his FREE  REPORT The 4 Tools You Can Use To Immediately Grow Your Business at www.AgentsChaseYou.com You can also join our new LINKED IN group LOAN OFFICER TIPS


This is a reprint of an article in the San Diego Tribune

Foreclosed? Maybe you can buy again

Home ownership remains goal for many who went through foreclosure, short sale during recession


When Chad Sanfillipo got the keys to his house in Ramona last year, he had come full circle in the real estate market.

After losing his home to a short sale during the crash of the housing market, Sanfillipo was once again an owner.

“It felt so exciting to be able to buy again, to have something I own,” said Sanfillipo, 45, who rented for a couple of years before a bank would lend him money again. “There’s no landlord or rent check. I get to say what I get to do with my house.”

Sanfillipo, a systems engineer, is one of roughly 116,000 San Diego County residents who had either a short sale or foreclosure between 2006 and 2014, before and after the Great Recession, according to CoreLogic, a real estate data company.

The good news for Sanfillipo and others who lost their homes during the downturn is that there’s ultimately forgiveness in the lending market. Each month, thousands of San Diegans who went through short sales or foreclosures are completing waiting periods that render them eligible to once again apply for government-backed loans. In the worst case, some must wait seven years, but others can get new loans in just one, depending on whether they go through the Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal Housing Administration, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.


People who lost their homes during the recession but own again are called boomerang buyers, and they’re becoming a larger part of the market.

“The scales have tipped,” said Mark Goldman, a loan officer at C-2 Financial and real-estate lecturer at San Diego State University. “Instead of having the majority of properties be distressed sales, the formerly distressed sellers are coming in as buyers who are recovering, so not only is the market recovering, the buyers are recovering.”

Boomerang buying is becoming a nationwide movement. The National Association of Realtors says that 9.3 million homeowners underwent foreclosures between 2006 and 2014. Already, 1 million of them purchased homes again, and an additional 1.5 million will become eligible over the next five years.

California has the biggest share of potential boomerangs, with 1.68 million foreclosures and short sales from 2006 to 2014. Already, 250,000 of them are once again property owners, the association reports. Through 2023, that number is expected to increase by 308,000.

Ken Fears, the association’s director of housing finance and regional economics, said California is leading the way not only because of its sheer size, but also due to its unique economic factors during the downturn: A steep run-up in prices followed by a sharp drop in employment.

“There were much larger foreclosures and short sales in that region,” Fears said. “It creates an opportunity today with more of these former short sellers and people foreclosed to return to the market.”

Generally speaking, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac won’t back a loan for someone who had a foreclosure within seven years, or a short sale within four years. There are exceptions that reduce the waiting periods, but they apply only if someone can prove that extenuating circumstances affected their ability to pay.

The FHA, which requires only a 3.5 percent down payment, will make most people wait three years after a foreclosure or short sale, but those loans require personal mortgage insurance, no matter the down payment size. The shortest term is through the VA, which makes most applicants wait two years after a foreclosure or short sale. Goldman said those who do not qualify but still want to own can often find a five-year, adjustable-rate mortgage, and then ultimately refinance once they are eligible for more mainstream financing.

Gabe Del Rio, president of the nonprofit Community Housing Works, said a year or two ago it was rare for someone to try to buy again after going through a foreclosure, short sale, or signing over the deed in lieu of a foreclosure. Today, it’s become a fairly standard case. In all, Del Rio said most boomerang buyers are those who went through short sales, and were not foreclosed.

“Those folks actually placed more value on homeownership when they did own a home,” he said. “You can tell by their behavior, and their behavior was going through all the steps you had to do to get permission from your lender to sell your home for less.”

Sanfillipo, who served in the Air Force, got his new loan from the VA. He didn’t lose his job in the recession, but he said that after he and his wife split, they couldn’t afford two house payments, plus day care for their two children. They couldn’t sell their three-story Santee townhome because they were underwater by $50,000, even though they bought the property with a $60,000 down payment. Ultimately, the home sold for $297,000, a 39 percent drop from the 2008 purchase price of $413,000.

Homeowner Chad Sanfilippo at the home he purchased in 2013. He lost a previous home to a Short Sale in 2009. — Howard Lipin

After the short sale, Sanfillipo rented for two years as he waited for his VA timeout period to end. He wrote a letter to the administration explaining his hardship and why they should lend to him again, but otherwise, he said, it wasn’t hard to get another mortgage. He said that waiting period, during which he couldn’t get credit, irked him.

“It feels a little bit, for lack of a better term, degrading,” he said. “I can’t buy a house, and I’m just giving (my house payment) to somebody and just renting and renting. I like to have ownership and do things to my house and improve it.”

While Sanfillipo is thrilled to own again, others who lost their homes in the recession want nothing to do with ownership ever again.

Kevin Bacon, 53, lost much of his real-estate business in 2007, the year the Great Recession began. He and his wife got behind on their payments for their La Mesa townhouse, and despite efforts to work with their lender, decided to stop paying altogether. Bacon, a realtor, took a job in retail, paid off other debts, and after two years their property was finally foreclosed. Bacon and his wife Robin owed $360,000 on the townhouse, which sold for $240,000

Today, they rent a single-family home in Fletcher Hills. Bacon says he will rent for the rest of his life — by choice. The money he keeps from the reduced expenses and lack of down payment goes to savings and travel.

“Blindly thinking owning is better than renting; it’s not. It has to be looked at in 30-year terms. I’m (53) with nobody to leave anything to,” Kevin Bacon said. “I consider us much better off than we were, and even if we bought a couple years ago, the appreciation rates still aren’t that high.”

For others, the transition delivered an easier lifestyle. Henry Orozco, a U.S. Customers and Border Protection agent, used to commute 80 miles from Temecula to his job at the border. Orozco, who is married with four children, was said their newly built home lost about $200,000 of its value, so he and his wife stopped making payments and they arranged for a short sale.

The Orozcos rented for a while and finally purchased a $475,000 home in Spring Valley. During the process, Orozco said he never lost his desire to own a home.

“That’s the American dream, right?” he said. “My intention the whole time was to get that short sale behind me and get into another house. It just makes more sense for me, because renting is basically just pretty much throwing your money away.”

Goldman, the loan officer, said he’s not concerned about people who lost their homes during the recession owning again. This time is different, he said, because lenders are actually doing their homework before approving a mortgage.

“People are verifying income, values are more stable, employment has improved,” he said. “All the elements on that perfect storm of destruction are kind of resolved.”





Great Question From A Loan Officer- Is This Your Question too?

Brian- I know you are very big on getting deals from Realtors but I simply can’t stand them. They always give me the brush off and are all so demanding.
Any advice- now that rates are headed up – I probably need to consider ways to get more business.


Tom – this is an excellent question and one that many originators are probably struggling with. I will keep my answer brief.

First- Not every realtor is mean and demanding – they simply are looking for a partner they can trust. Remember when a Realtor gives you a deal they are trusting you with their reputation and their commission check.

The best way to build the relationship is for YOU to control the buyers and get them BEFORE they get to an agent.

Here are a few ways I do this and you can too.

1. Targeted and Consistent Apartment Mailing

2. Become a local TV and Radio Personality- much easier than you think to do

3. Pick a niche and market to those buyers
The niche I have is Buyers who are now known as BOOMERANG buyers who had a challenge during the meltdown and are ready to buy again.

In fact- I just finished with my first group of members in THE BOOMERANG EXPERT IMPLEMENTATION program and many are sharing their success stories with me. I will be reopening the program soon at

www.BoomerangExpert.com but send me an e-mail to brian@loanofficertips.com

if you want to get on the waiting list.

Working with agents is awesome when they need you more than you need them!

SECOND- If you want to work with agents who will love you the key is communication.
Each and every week I do a status update to all of my listing and selling agents.
I communicate after loan app- I communicate weekly on the status- and I communicate before closing and after closing.

REMEMBER THIS– Agents care about what you know – but they also need to know you care- Especially since their reputations and commisisons are on the line1
Brian Sacks
Working on putting a blog up but for now you can post on


PS- I will soon be releasing 2 BRAND new programs with tested methods you will use to make 2015 your best year ever !

Could You FORCE A Referral?

Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could FORCE A Referral?

This is a question that has always puzzled me and I think I found a solution I wanted to share with you. Realtors are always looking for great content to provide to their buyers while exposing themselves ( not literally).

So Why Not Give It To Them?

Yes- newsletters work by mail and e-mail but here’s an idea for you try.
Below is a video of my regular appearance on NBC locally. In this video I explain the mortgage process and why not Getting Pre-Approved could cost the buyer 1000.00 dollars.

YES- I did this on TV – but that’s part of the shameless self promotion that you see me advocating.

But you could also do this simply in front of a camera yourself- or even on your phone and then upload it to YOU TUBE and share the link. I encourage my Realtors to put it up on their own website.

So now their prospects see me whenever they are on the Realtors site or Facebook page- and guess who they want to speak to?

Pretty clever way to FORCE the referral by providing great content

Give it a try and let us know how you do.

Heck- this is only a 2 minute video

If the player below isn’t working click here


I would love your feedback –
Brian Sacks
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You know the old saying about what happens when you ASS-U-ME right?

I just got off the phone with a client who closed a few days ago.

Now I am very deliberate and have an elaborate system of stimulating referrals from past clients.

They are added to my newsletter – they are added to my weekly e-mails and they are sent items in the mail including a survey with room for referrals

But often we simply forget to just ask them for some when we speak to them.

NEVER EVER ASSUME that just because you did a great job anyone will remember who you are or refer you to a friend.

In fact- marketing experts tell us that for every month that goes by without a contact you lose 10% of your influence with a client.

After speaking to this client and wishing him good luck with his closing I simply asked him if any of his friends and neighbors were considering purchasing or refinancing.


I now have 3 new referrals!

BUT – I have asked him to call these people first and let them know that he had a good experience and that he suggested they call me!

Go ahead and ask- if you don’t ask- you can never receive !!!!

I am off to speak in San Francisco for ACUMA which is the national association for credit unions that have a mortgage division. I will be sharing the 10 BIGGEST MISTAKES ORIGNATORS MAKE AND HOW TO AVOID THEM.

If you will be there come up and say hi your company or local MBA or NAMB chapter needs a speaker send me an e-mail to loanofficertips@gmail.com

I would love your feedback -Brian Sackswww.AgentsChaseYou.comWorking on putting a blog up but for now you can post on

Brian Sacks
Working on putting a blog up but for now you can post on


PS- I will soon be releasing 2 BRAND new programs with tested methods you will use to make 2015 your best year ever !

Do You Know Mickey M? This is how to get Realtors and Other Partners

I’m sure you know that many families are struggling in this economy. The news tells us things are getting better and maybe they are for some people but many are still struggling.

Last week I got a call from one of my son’s friends Dad. He’s a great guy and has been very successful running a division of a Fortune 100 company. He was earning a major 6 ( almost 7 figure) income.

He wanted to know how I knew a person named Mickey M? At first I had no idea who Mickey M. was or that I even knew him. So I asked him how he knew that I knew Mickey and what this was all about.

The week before he had lost his job and was now trying to network with people he knew. So he looked me up on Linked In and went thru my connections. He saw that I was a 1st level connection with Mickey M.


Apparently Mickey is the president of an International Executive Search firm that specializes in his industry. He wanted me to call Mickey and make an introduction since Mickey would never take his call.

I love to help my friends but I truly had NO IDEA who the heck Mickey was or how we knew each other. So I was very nervous when I first called Mickey since I didn”t want to be embarrassed.


Mickey’s secretary picked up the phone and asked my name and if I had an appointment with Mickey. I said no but then she said “Mickey is coming to the phone”

When he got on he immediately asked – “Hey Brian – How’s Matt? Has he decided which college he’s going to ? He’s such a great boy and such a talented Lacrosse player. I truly enjoyed coaching him”


My son IS a great lacrosse player and Mickey had coached him for 1 single 3 day ALL STAR tournament 2 years ago.

To be fair- I still had no idea WHO he was since my son plays in a lot of tournaments , but we began speaking and I told him why I was calling and asked if he would do me a personal favor and speak to my friend and try to help him

He then immediately called my friend and is now helping him secure a job!

Yesterday I went to lunch and he told me how Mickey is a legend in his industry but a person who is only able to be reached by CEO’s of the largest manufacturing companies not just in the US but in the WORLD. This is a person he would never ever be able to get to!


You know that old saying right-“It’s not WHAT you know- It’s WHO you know”

Now go check out your own Connections-
Who do you know?

Who Should You know?
Who are you connected to that can connect you to a Realtor- Builder – Accountant- Financial Planner or other Referralpartner.

Join our own Loan Officer Tips Group on Linked in
Copy this into your browser and go see who you know!


I would love your feedback –
Brian Sacks
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What Business Are You REALLY in?

Today is a special day for those of you involved in the Boomerang Expert Implementation Program. We will be covering Persuasion both overt and covert techniques for getting buyers and agents to do business with us.

I wanted to share a few ideas here for those of you who may not be in the program. Because at the end of the day we need to realize that we are SELLING!

In fact it’s a great word and persuasion or manipulation aren’t bad words either. In fact they are MANDATORY if you want to succeed.

You must understand the buyers mental triggers and what will get them to respond. Here are a few

1. Scarcity- people want what is hard to get

2. Reciprocity- You must edu sell people not use many of the brute strength bulldog techniques many others show you !

3. LIKING- They must like you !

4. Social Proof- they must be able to see that others LIKE THEM have had success with you !

I could go on and on here but I suggest you start reading up on Persuasion skills and what makes people want to work with you.
This IS one of the differences between successful Loan officers and those who struggle.

A great book on this Topic is Influence by Robert Cialdini- in fact I just sent a copy to everyone in the Boomerang Expert Implementation program!

I would love your feedback –
Brian Sacks
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PS- I will soon be releasing 2 BRAND new programs with tested methods you will use to make 2015 your best year ever !



Do you know why consumers shop rates and points? It’s because they don’t want to be taken advantage of. They believe they can only separate the good from the bad based on prices.

But if you are the expert in their eyes- instead of “just another loan officer” everything changes. You finally get the respect that you need and deserve. The rate issue goes away and life as an originator is fun again.


Well it’s not simple but it is attainable. Look at me- I barely graduated high school- no real college education and I am on TV- Write Articles for publications and appear on Radio.

I’m only telling you this because YOU can too. But only if you think you can. I am staring right now at a saying that says “IF YOU THINK YOU CAN OR YOU THINK YOU CAN’T YOU ARE RIGHT”

Let that soak in for a minute.

This weekend the Your Home Your Money radio show is starting on FM here in Baltimore on CBS. The guest will be the executive director of the Baltimore Board of Realtors.

Now to be fair- there is a lot that goes into having your own show- I covered it with a special group of clients and there are now almost 30 shows in the country I have helped put together-
You can watch the replay at www.RadioShowProfits.com/replay
Don’t worry- nothing for sale- the program is actually sold out but the webinar alone will give you some good ideas.

Why not be a guest on one of your local shows-
That gives you INSTANT credibility- and RESPECT !!!!!

I would love your feedback –
Brian Sacks
Working on putting a blog up but for now you can post on


PS- I will soon be releasing 2 BRAND new programs with tested methods you will use to make 2015 your best year ever !